Grove uses its deep market knowledge, creditor relationships and access to superior data to source and acquire portfolios at target returns. Our agile servicing approach in partnership with leading suppliers drives further collection performance post-purchase and ensures a strong focus on compliance.

Grove currently manages a portfolio of 2 million accounts with a value of £1.5 billion.

Asset Areas

Currently Grove largely invests in UK insolvency assets and Spanish non-performing assets and actively monitors opportunities in alternative asset sub-classes across the UK and Europe.

UK insolvency assets

Grove is a leading investor in portfolios of receivables where the consumer is within a structured insolvency arrangement, which are largely comprised of individual voluntary arrangements (“IVAs”). IVAs are contractually restructured payment plans which a consumer voluntarily enters into when they are not able to repay the original amount of their unsecured debt to a creditor (e.g. banks, credit card and utility companies etc.). The plans are professionally administered by licensed insolvency practitioners and the consumer typically repays 30-35% of the original debt.

Spanish non-performing loans

Following 5 years of economic turmoil, Spanish creditors have significant debt books and sale volumes within the Spanish NPL market have been increasing rapidly. Liquidation rates are beginning to improve, as the economy returns to growth. Grove is presently focused on the non-bank sector and will selectively evaluate bank sector opportunities subject to competitive environment.


Grove works closely with creditors to achieve the right debt sale solution.

  1. Agile Deal Execution
  2. Transparent Partnership Approach
  3. Flexible Commercial Structuring
  4. Deep Compliance Focus

Servicing Partnerships

Grove work in partnership with leading specialist servicing providers to ensure the right servicing approach for each portfolio and for each individual consumer.